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Clinical. Responsible. Impactful.


BayGrow has partnered with Premier Medical Management LLC (“PMM”), a managed services organization that currently manages several Medical Research Organizations. Backed with Physician oversight, 20 years of clinical experience, and Medical Degrees from the Johns Hopkins University, the University of Maryland and George Washington University, BayGrow aims to leverage PMM’s clinical experience to create products that will mirror their patients’ chief complaints, helping provide alternatives to traditional opiate based pharmaceutical drugs. The clinical research division of PMM also has the ability and experience to create, author, and administer an independent clinical trials utilizing scientific methods to bring the benefits of Medical Cannabis to the forefront of the Medical Community.



BayGrow’s promise to the communities in which we operate is to have zero impact on the local environment. BayGrow’s operation will be powered by Solar Energy and all water will be captured, filtered, and recycled, so that there is zero impact on local watersheds. BayGrow’s solar expertise will be provided by Power52, a Solar Energy company that benefits low-mid income residents of Maryland. BayGrow’s head electrical engineer, whom will be responsible for energy distribution within the facility, has designed Server Farms for over the past decade, ensuring we obtain our goal of energy independence.


BayGrow will implement a diverse ethnic and socio-economic workforce with a commitment to Corporate Philanthropy to impact those in the community whom have been historically underserved. Our vendor Partners, Power52 and PMM both are committed to ethnic diversity and have combined workforces that are predominantly African American, employing over 250 individuals. The Power52 Energy Institute will be leveraged to train new employees through our community reinvestment program, designed to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, and incarceration in our Urban Communities. A portion of our proceeds will also benefit the Ed Reed Foundation, a 501C Maryland based foundation focused on providing character-building opportunities by inspiring at risk youth of Baltimore as well as other charities and programs that serve the economically disadvantaged by way of general support and youth development.